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Candle for Ukraine

Candle for Ukraine

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Scent: Black Sea or Sunflower

Size: 6.5 oz

Jim's Hill Waxworks has partnered with the Market Shoppes in Wetumpka to create a fundraising for helping the Ukrainian people in need. We created a special edition candle. The soy candles are hand poured in quilted jelly jars to resemble Ukrainian legacy of being one of the richest agricultural providers to the Europe and thus called the “Breadbasket of Europe” for centuries.
The Black Sea candle scent was chosen because of geographic location of Ukraine. For centuries, The Black Sea was the main link that connected the Ukraine with the world.
50% of the sell price of the candle will be donated to non-profit organizations helping Ukrainian people in Poland and Ukraine. The rest of the money is covering the material cost of manufacturing candles and payment processing fees.
Market Shoppes contributing to this fundraising by actively supporting this initiative, using their available resources to reach the broad audience and donating their part of seller’s fee to the case.

Here is the list of organizations and going to donate to the following:
• Samaritan’s Purse
• Nova Ukraine
• IG account Mamont_33 (personal account of Ukrainian volunteer, whose team is helping distribute food and medicine for people stuck in Kharkov)
Please help us to support Ukrainian people buy purchasing this candle, lighting it up and saying the prayer for the Ukraine and its people.

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